Friday, May 28, 2010


i think, i will always thank whatever for friends like kenneth, mianbao, jacq, darren, JADE, SYL, MINA, HY, MELSOH, XINYI, ceekay, gerry etc.

it warms my hard to see the care, the concern, or the friendship that we have.

what triggered this?

ironically, kenneth.


i dun think he thinks it that way, but like sometimes i feel valued?
i mean, okay la, i always too zi dong take video and upload and like waste my own time and energy. but like it's AWESOME to see people appreciate it?

yeah. i don't ask for any returns, BUT it's good to see people happy about it and all you know. just makes my heart go WEE! HAHAHA.

thanks all for putting up with my nonsense and crap, and attitudes and behaviors and still staying by my side.

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