Friday, May 07, 2010

in the middle of the night.

@FunkyAk ur blog. zzz.

played l4d2 with steam peoples.
i realised when you play with overseas people so ur name has ur country tag, ur country people will keep suaning and insulting the other country ppl. or maybe it's just sg people? haha.


i'm eating sushi with @jacqten tomorrow! (: like finally eat sushi. woo! and so long never see jacq le. JACQ YOU NEGLECT ME! lol.

i realise my attention-span is damn short. one moment i will be playing l4d2, next moment i'm bored and go read fanfiction or real books. then next moment i'll go dig the fridge for food but wun have food. then i will start dancing in the room alone. THEN i'll start playing all the different apps on facebook. which that one is the most lame. like i've resorted to playing tiki resort, hotel city, social city, restaurant city and hell's kitchen. ALL AT ONE SHOT.


i'm damn lame and bored.

thanks @nicho for comforting me. okay la not much of comforting. but what you said was quite funny. HAHA.

can't wait for funk jam to be OVER. haha. then i won't stress over it.

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