Monday, May 17, 2010

crab feast!

went to meet mianbao in town to walk around!!! she bought some stuff and i also bought some stuff! (: saw ben and elke at sd shop. (:

got wet in the rain while buying the food back to my house.
bad luck ah, stupid cabs all never come.

had a great dinner with @mianbaobreadpan, kenneth, @jacqten, @darrenlsy, @gerryyyme, dom and @LockerCeekay.

was like 6 crabs, 2 chilli, 2 black pepper and 2 salted egg. (: sambal kang kong, egg toufu and shrimp paste chicken! WOO! (:

haha ken is like damn funny. his reactions are too dope liao!

enjoyed the dinner, although supposed to have a few more people, BUT they not free... sooo... oh wells.

i think i'm starting to fall sick liaos. ):

and i found the song i have been looking for! WOO! (:

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