Thursday, May 06, 2010

i'm back!

yay i'm back on blogger.
welcome me back. (:

i love the bb wallpaper on the blog of @jacqten. the one where it says RAWR! it means I LOVE YOU! in dinosaur.
so cute!!! using it as my bb wally now. (:

exams are over. like since last week. but it's only been a few days and i feel like it's been such a long time between exams and now.

so many times a happening!

what with feipo, and relationships, and whatever not.

had my frist waacking battle last wednesday. was quite cui. i stepped out and immediately closed in on myself. so i didn't do well. which means, i need to practice more and session more. get used to dancing in front of people.

this saturday will be my first locking battle and my... third popping battle? cuiness. i don't even know hot to do locking properly. but i'm going to just try use what i know and what i've practiced so far. hopefully i won't do too badly for both popping locking. at the very least, don't off beat.

tomorrow's friday, supposed to go out with raz nicole etc to eat suki sushi, but i dunno what's the plan now. but i know at night i'll be watching movie (iron man 2) with mianbao and kenneth. haha i'm such a lightbulb!

so now i have to come up with a new list of things to do.

01. go oschool hip hop classes.
02. go bryan's waacking class.
03. go ben's popping class.
04. go ian's locking class.
05. plan waacking dinner for och recital waackers.
06. have waacking session.
07. plan crab dinner with mianbao.
08. plan bbq for post exam with small rachel.
09. go uss with mianbao.
10. start choreography for my yog part.
11. think of things to buy in taiwan when i go with my parents.
12. try to draw out shirt designs.
13. clean and clear my room so that i can finally move into it.
14. have sushi buffet outing with mj waacking item.
15. find food recipes to cook at home for fun.

as you can see, none of it is cancelled off. goes to show what i've done so far. haha. oops. i haven't even cleared my room! omg.

okay. time to go play l4d2 again. (:

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