Thursday, May 13, 2010

funny day out. haha.

okay it's not very funny la.

jadey: get well soon jadey! then we can go out! chilling or dinner/lunch, or fly kite, or prawning, or sleepover, or clubbing, or ktv-ing, kpub. ETC ETC ETC.

well, i got my can't buy class shirt from ben like finally. (: YAY!
and i got the powerhouse sd shirt. haha i'm gonna look like a walking advertisement for st james! will they give me free entry? hahaha. kidding.

met elke ben jacky @limkahkah jiahao @mianbaobreadpan at sd shop. many many people eh? haha. then me and mianbao originally wanted to go xiao long bao dinner BUT in the end we changed our minds and went applebee at triple 1! (:

omg i geh kiang order the appetizer sampler then when it came, we were shocked at the huge amount so we called kahsing to come down haha. then in the end kahsing came, talk talk eat eat, then he too tempted so he order food too. HAHAHA. oops. but our meal was like FUCKING EXPENSIVE. omg. haha. according to kahsing "wo kan dao jiu yan jing liang qi lai le!"

get well soon cherron! damn ex hospital bill. jin accompany cherron go hospital cuz she injured her leg.

so... met kenlock @thebasic5sfong and @thebasic5sdiane at oschool and we all including fredy and i forgot whats-his-name-sorry-but-thanks-for-helping! carried all the f&n cartons down to ground level without a powered escalator and also with no lift! omg.

i think kahsing lucky got me eh? HAHA. i being bhb. carry jin and his f&n stuff home. omg so much la. we had to stop the lift door with the carton so that we can put all in and take the lift only once. the lift like dangerous, bobbed up and down when we brought in the cartons.

went l4d2 with verlao rizal and gina, but we didn't even finish a single campaign. somehow we kept dying. 4 tanks leh! somemore 2 tanks came at the same time de. then just when we thought we might win, the stupid place closed. and it's not because of closing time. it's cuz the girl manning the place wanted to leave early, so she closed the place. asssss.

okay. i finally finished mixing the draft for rp momentum concert, so shall await reply from @jacqten to see whether she wants to session before @stooffi and @Vernonh2y sharing session. dreading tomorrow's comm meeting. sigh. ):

i wanna play and have fun.

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