Saturday, May 08, 2010

fridays are shiok.

thoughts and ramblings:

okay i like this picture. shows my feelings.

really seriously want someone to talk to. ):

my day out of the house:

i went out with @jacqten, nicole, alek and raz to suki sushi at orchard cineleisure for lunch! it was damn shiok. except for the bad service. but oh wells, ate until full la. (:

went to pop by sd shop to visit ben and surprise surprise just nice see aaron who came over to take over the tending! (:

had a nice alone time while walking in 313 at hmv and harris. from which i bought new earphones cuz my earphones i sort of accidentally pulled it until it's half spoiled. and i also bought a comic (twilight, which is quite funny, the girl is pretty but the guy damn ugly inside) and a novel. (:

had my first waacking open class. under bryan. it was. tiring. that's all i can describe. i kinda like today's choreo, but without control, i can't do it properly. i need to train my strength and stamina so that i can attempt to exert more control. cuz currently i'm super nua and i 5 minutes into warm up i'm sweating and growing tired. ):

ate "late dinner" with ken and @mianbaobreadpan at hongkong cafe! although i ate a desert and drank lychee ice blend la. too thirsty and hot to even think about warm/hot food. watched iron man 2 with them. it's quite good. surprisingly. like i thought it would be generally like the usual superhero movies. but this one was really not bad. shall have to go watch iron man 1 at home which i failed to do so even though my brother bought the vcd!

thanks ken for sending me home! (:

sidenote: jin is DAMN funny. haha.

i think i will just make a fool out of myself at ntu funk jam. REMINDER to please bring ian's videos. oh shit what videos he want! ahhh. ): oh okay i think i rmb.

i'm getting old. or just i dunno, my brain is damaged. i can walk a few steps and forget what i was thinking a few steps before. it's getting more often now. then i have to really stop and think what i was going to do or something. ):

okay shall go sleep.

in reply to jadey:

jadey, usually u need to arrange before hand. not make appointment la! but cuz. i'm DAMN lazy now. even worse than last time. so if you last minute call me out, i might not want to step out of the house. especially when my hair now needs to be washed and blowdried for it now to stick out like scarecrow hair. so i need to prepare a bit. ): so i find it mafan to go out if it's like an urge. BUT. also depends on my mood la, if i feel cooped up and you are willing to wait for me to prepare, then i will go out.

does this make me sound bhb? LOL! aiyah this is how i am now la. i'm controlled by my laziness. i can choose to be less lazy, but i just wanna relax and otot now that it's the hols.

yeps. (:

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