Monday, May 24, 2010


well, i haven't really settled myself down about stuff. i'm still floundering. wat with my body clock messed up, (i get tired in the middle of the day, so tired that i will just lie down and fall asleep not a sec later, which causes me to be quite wide awake at night) and with the many things running around, wanting to dance but my body doesn't seem to have the stamina to keep up (which i really have to solve by running) and driving lessons.

on the other hand, i finally enrolled myself online at ssdc, i'll have to pop by the post office to extend my pdl, then subsequently apply for FTT, following which i will call the driving instructor i have in mind for lessons. YAY driving license here i come! i hope i can pass the first time.

had a great outing with syl jade and mina on friday afternoon, but a sucky lunch at cafe cartel. the food has gone down. the service too, and the food amount. godz. had a lovely time playing arcade with jadey following which we roamed around and when she left, i explored kinokuniya for like 3 hours. oops. i love books. seriously. as long as they are not for studying.

what did i do on saturday? oh i went out with jacq and mianbao. had a fun but half boring time shopping, because actually i wannted to sing ktv. BUT need to book first. SIAN. ): but bought stuff from cotton on! which im going to wear in taiwan hohoho. what else. we had lunch at soup spoon, roamed far east. bla bla bla. HAHA. okay la we had fun like roaming around. then went to newton circle to eat at night with the lockers. NSC recital they did. i didn't watch, but i shall assume they did a good job so i shall say great job! HAHA. (:

i spent the whole day of sunday lazing around. many people cmi so we cancelled our waacking dinner.

i found the two bbq pit portable thingies!!! (: means we can have bbq on friday!!! yay!!!

now i need to invite people, get food, prepare drinks and stuff.

shall get mianbao to help. (:

tomorrow is a great day for slacking. YES. or maybe i should go for class at oschool. humm.

shall see how. (:

i love fondue. i get addicted to the mix of cheese and slight alcoholic taste due to the white wine. yay yay yay.

okay can't wait for friday!!!

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