Sunday, May 09, 2010

funk jam and l4d2

okay. it was unexpected.
like. i thought weepin and i will go top 12 and maybe wun get into top 8, but because of thewhatever lucky drawing thing, 4 teams get to go straight into top 8 and we were one of them. BUT since i was so cui, we lost that round.

locking was even more unexpected. nic and i managed to get through from top 16 and lost to aloy and darren at top 4. i'm so proud of my two erzi. no matter what, you have come a long way, with the different obstacles and everything. persevere on and fight k! u two have the ability to do great stuff so dun give up and dun stop dancing! (:

thanks weepin for encouraging me. (: wanna session with u!

thanks nic for joining with me. haha. it was a very fun experience eh? although i have no locking foundation. so i was repeating and repeating. HAHA. oops.

went to whampoa food market to eat hokkien me with ken, diane, fong, jin, ceekay, gerry, tappy and dom! (: nice hokkien mee. (:

then on the way home got a call from yoga so i chionged back to boon lay to play l4d2 with the mj people. ROCKS. i'm still damn cui in l4d2 i realise. i think i'll never be able to improve on that. my mind's too laggy! :p

happy mum's day mummy! supposed to be i treat u but instead u bought laksa for me and kept the noodle and soup separate so that it wun dry up! (: u r the best. always supporting me even when dad may disagree. <3

thanks people on twitter for well-wishes! although, u r not supposed to wish me! i only got two erzi! and one never wish me. bleah. HAHA. i shall say: THANKS DARREN! (: ohor aloy!

haha. i'm a bit hyper now. although i have a migraine. zzz.

woop de doo!
off to eat my laksa!

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