Sunday, May 16, 2010

dance dance dance!

friday and saturday dance was great! (: love dancing seriously. i'm seriously like thinking of just funking dance away. what with my lost inspiration for hip hop, and my renewed interest and enthusiasm for funk and punking/waacking.

went to bryan's class again! (: the steps were easy la, but cuz the song was fast so hard to catch. i need to train on stamina. cuz my stamina is damn bad now compared my physical fitness last time. OMG. need to start running, jogging, or whatever.

took mrt by myself to boon lay to meet ah hong and @Vernonh2y and rizal and indon gang + one fake indon. HAHA. to play L4D2 agains! @mianbaobreadpan says i'm playing L4D2 too much.

i kinda understand how @limkahkah feels when he always ask me whether i going back ntu side now and i say no. it's like sians when no one pei you go back. although i'm always alone.

okay. then saturday i woke up thinking i woke too late for ben's class, so i decided to just go @thebasic5sfong locking class instead. imagine my surprise when i reach there at 1.50pm thinking locking is at 2, then elke comes in taps her card for popping then i go: "i thought popping just over?" haha stupid me. popping's at 2pm and locking's a 3pm! but it's a good surprise. because lidat i went for both.

my popping is like too nua. aiyah my whole body when dancing is like GOD DAMN nua. zzz.

I LOVE LOCKING. seriously, although i'm like: fong are you teaching BEGINNER locking class?!? hahaha.

@thebasic5sdiane surprised fong by going for his class today! had fun with her in class. (: love to see her lock! she look so happy when she lock! haha and we kept having horrified/laughing moments when like fong announces stuff like : okay so this part you have really go crazy! then he demonstrates. then diane and i just look at each other. HAHA.

i like the choreo though, it was tough yet not tough? as in. i dunno. i feel that in locking class i can exert lots of force for my locking. i should use the same strength for battles and freestyle then. need to.

what meow lim said today i will always keep in mind. go out battle, freestyle, i must still be able to enjoy myself and immerse myself in the music, really dance WITH the music. dun get affected by techniques and stuff. many people as they become better and better, they get more and more concerned about techniques and looking good. but dance is not that. even if we do something crazy and stupid. if it's with the music. it's great.

so i shall not care about image. as long as i present myself with the music well, as long as i FLOW with the music, and really dance DANCE.

PRO-AM was great! i bet all the participants had a great time. (: congrats to kieloong and weijie and happy birthday to kieloong! i got bored halfway though. cuz after a while my neck started to ache again, i was hungry, tired... so mb and i went to talk somewhere, then ken came... then we wandered around, then talked to meow lim and elke and bev. (: nice talk.

had hokkien mee for late late late dinner at kopitiam and ken fetched me home. dom too. THANKS KENNETH! (: (he's really nice actually you know, it's the reason why i will grumble about him bullying me but i won't do much back to him. it's cuz he's kinda nice to me other times, so i dun really mind the bullying.)

omg i wanna use my sis com to play L4D2 now but she's doing her project! ):

tuesday tuesday tuesday waacking! (:

crab feast tomorrow with mb kenlock @jacqten @darrenlsy etc! (: happy happy!

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