Friday, May 14, 2010

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What the signs look for in Partners.

#Libra : The one problem libra has is accepting that not all romances turn out the way they would like. Sometimes this happens because libra doesn't put enough work into the relationship, but most of the time it occurs because libra expects a lot more from a partner than most people are willing to give.

are u serious?!? first sentence yeah kinda true. but second?!? but yeah. i think i expect a lot from people but in stuff where i feel that i got put in a lot of effort, so i feel that they should also do that?

oops i'm such a hypocrite. ok i need to put in more effort for everything.

#Libra Lover : A libra magnanimous outlook is a boom in relationships and this attribute makes them a pleasure to be with. They want to be loved and lusted after, although they refuse to take the lead initially. In a relationship, a libra alternate between being the dependant and dominant partner, based on their analysis of what can you get from a relationship.


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