Wednesday, September 29, 2010


firstly, i didn't go for my aed tutorial (so i have to go for a make-up at 2.30pm later)

next, i haven't started on my english log book (i shall need to take all the lecture notes and start to copy stuff in!)

i haven't collected the photocopied notes from the printing shop. (i shall do that later!)

haha my orchestration composition, i only wrote out the note letters and not like one part of it. zzz.

that's for school work.






i did find new applications i can download for my ipad (which haven't even arrived yet and i'm getting all excited about it.)

i played finished one whole round of plants vs zombies...

i DIDN'T start sorting my music library. (it's hard cuz it's all in three different hard disk!)


and i played three games of starcraft. (so i broke my promise of not playing SC2.)






had a great time with funk technics! :D okay i haven't uploaded the pictures. shall do so tomorrow cuz i'm too tired to do it now.

lovely time. good food, great company, bad auntie who spoiled our surprise for jasmine...


all in all, it was a fun dinner.

missed jacqjacq though. NVM NEXT TIME! :D








night world.

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