Sunday, September 19, 2010


Tomorrow whole day for lockdown. Omg.

Okay I haven't blogged about suntec yet, so I shall do it now after everything that has happened.

Frankly, I'm not saying this as like a stuck up or proud person, but we got second placing when jacq, mianbao and I only just started locking. It is both a happy thing and a heavy burden as we are just beginners and now people will come to expect more from us. But we are still learning! So we have to jiayou.

Okay the people I wanted to thank I thanked liao. Thanks to Yu Yao they all for being so encouraging, he always come see us prac! :D

Thanks KS and Jin for the encouragement you gave me and the rest.

Thanks sixersm for being there to support, through facebook or through our outings!

Thanks mum and sis for coming down to watch me! :D

Yeps, the rest I said on facebook le. And to my beloved family JUMP5FAM, I wrote a note before so yes hahahaha.

Now is sunday because I left this as a draft in my phone and ended up continuing it only now.

Lockdown was huge. Like 80 participants. Enjoyed watching people competing, performing etc. Great experience helping out. Thanks CeeKay for allowing me to help. :D

Had white dog cafe for brunch with suling, jacq and mb. Sabby came too!

Then had hk cafe for supper. First time I tried papaya soup noodles. Shiok sia.

Today went to have dinner with fong, diane, jin, ks, ken, ceekay, mb, ian and sabby and and and woong. :D eat until damn full. 8 crabs, two prawn dishes, hotplate toufu, sambal kang kong, chicken strips. Wah lovely man.

Am currently hoping my sister finishes her stuff quick so I can use her com to play starcraft. Cuz my macbook a bit bit slow ah...

I should give up le, with so little moving forward, and no returns, it just doesn't seem possible. I don't really want to give up that easily, but it does seem hopeless. I dunno. Sigh. Feeling a bit emoed again.



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