Wednesday, September 22, 2010


self declared no lecture for today. i'm too hungry to go for lecture and i still have 40 minutes more for my lesson now. zzz.






no starcraft 2 tonight! i think? cuz i have school tomorrow at 8.30am, and that means, leave house latest by 7am, means wake up latest by 6am. OMG so early. oh oh oh. my mum's sending me to school. yay. okay still have to wake up that early because my sis and bro has to go to school too. lidat i can sleep in the car though. :D






locking tonight with soulfunky, ks teaching! :D i shall take my whole time in soulfunky to learn locking and popping well. :D

i think i shall want to do jdc for soulfunky, at least for the senior item. (: omg that means next year got jdc, either shut up and dance or danzation, and dancetitude. not forgetting 2 canvassing and 1 performance for mj. AHHHH. so many.






sitting in sakae sushi now, gonna stone till 3pm then start my buffet. :D or maybe i should just eat ala carte. i shall tahan for now and just stone. :D

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