Friday, September 24, 2010


i can't wait for my ipad. :D

seriously, i'm like thinking about it everyday.

my ipad shall be my boyfriend when it comes. :D




i'm still too lazy to pack my room. it's like so messy, especially the bags from hall haha. i haven't touched them at all. feel like throwing everything away. BAH.




going over to huiying's house to meet huiying and jade now. :D yipee. besties ftw!




yesah, one module down, and no more piano lessons. 6 modules to go! jiayou yimin. u can do it!

jacq jacq please take care of urself ah! :D drink more warm water.




i shall always title my friday posts: TGIF. haha. cuz i love weekends. :D

the show tomorrow (maybe) and heartbeat comp on sunday! lots to watch! :D

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