Tuesday, September 28, 2010

monday blues.

"It's not up to me anymore. If you want me in your life, you'll put me in it." i really don't want to bother anymore. even as a friend, it's hard. if even being a friend needs effort that is more than what we usually put in for a friendship/relationship, isn't this friendship a bit... no point? i should not be feeling the weariness in maintaining a friendship. it's a two way thing. unless like it's during a difficult time and you need a back to lean on. but ALL THE TIME?!? i dunno. it just doesn't seem right anymore. ~~~~~~~~~~ had a jump5fam practice today. only a few weeks and i've gone rusty. not like i never practice at home or dance or what, but, somehow, because of suntec COMP, i was quite hyped, could build up the energy needed for practices. maybe now cuz school start, with my new interest in starcraft 2, i start to feel the drain in my energy. lucky for me, my school timings, are if not late, otherwise okay. ~~~~~~~~~~ looking forward to hotpot tomorrow with funk technics! :D weilong, fabian, darren, ceekay, jasmine and me. :D a bunch of people from totally different places, different background, coming together for the love of dancing. that's why we dance. because we are happy dancing together as friends, happy dancing just for dancing. :D win or lose seriously dun matter to us. happy-go-lucky people. :D but seriously, i must thank everyone who i have joined competitions with, for letting me join with you all. i'm not good, i'm quite weak, my control's bad, my sharpness not there, i got no energy. and yet you all still put up with me. thanks for all the encouragement, support, guidance and teachings. i really learnt a lot this past two-three years dancing. :D ~~~~~~~~~~ okay time to sleep. read my lectures notes, played starcraft 2, blogged, uploaded heartbeat videos. :D night world.

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