Tuesday, September 28, 2010

to-do list!

i need to do my english log book! gosh.

my aed research i need to finish it!

do my english tutorials...

get my photocopied notes from the printing shop.

start my orchestration composition...

yes i think that is all. HAHA.







plants vs zombies is cool! :D want to get it for my ipad but it's quite ex for the ipad. hope i can find a free download version!

my ipad haven't even arrived and i'm already browsing and searching for things to download on my ipad.

OH YES. lidat i need to sort my music library! gosh gosh gosh. so many things to do.

alright yimin, tonight no more starcraft for you. need to at least start some of the stuff on my to-do list! :D






i'm craving for tom yam mee. but if i eat now, later hot pot i will be quite full! ): shall be patient and await good food dinner with the funk technics. :D






okay shall go bathe and prepare to go out! :D WOOTS! :D

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