Thursday, September 30, 2010

to do or not to do.

i need to start going out everyday to jog.


okay to-do list that has nothing to do with school or dance.


1. go SSDC apply for my PDL.

2. TRY to arrange 3 times a week go jogging for 1 hour each.

3. NO MORE MIDNIGHT SNACKS. (eating at hk cafe at night doesn't count haha.)

4. less fast food, more food court food. (e.g. yong tau hu, cai fan etc.)

5. after getting PDL, contact driving instructor to start learning.

6. sort through my itunes music to prepare for my ipad arrival. :D



1. go regularly for soulfunky. and practice at home.

2. gather songs for kangli.

3. practice my locking and waacking.



1. update my english log book

2. do my orchestration composition

3. do my english tutorials

4. research for AED

5. go printing shop collect my notes. (which i still haven't done)



go back to writing my english log book now...

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