Monday, October 12, 2009

the horror of to-do lists


1. Music Essay
2. Music Seminar Presentation
3. Math Tutorials
4. Math Revision
5. Piano Practice
6. ALK Podcast
7. AED Presentation
8. ALK Presentation
9. AED Essay
10. Upload MJ Class Video
11. Upload Dancetitude Bloopers video
12. Upload Audition Bloopers video

13. Train more in dance
14. Pack my room
15. Save money
16. Buy my lomo camera with fish eye lens
17. Buy heels (wedges), flats, sandals and slippers.
18. Buy high cut shoes.
19. Buy long girly tops to wear with leggings!
20. Buy different color leg warmers.
21. Write a list of things to buy in HONG KONG.
22. Go check SD crew's dance studio website and see whether can go for their classes while in HK.

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