Monday, October 05, 2009

end of holiday week

many things have happened.
suffice to say that,

i'm giving up.
and moving on.

unlike the time when i moped and moped and moped about a specific person, this time, because i made up my mind to move on, so i will be quick about it. HAHA.

so yeah. jiayou for me.

somemore made me realised that there's better out there and yeah made me appreciate my friends around me. (:

thanks friends everyone. seriously for being there for me. (:

oh wells. dun so emoed about it liao.

i'm currently uploading pictures from nic's party, and mj chalet videos.
i'll upload the junior showcase and senior showcase first. then the more random ones and other events will have to come later. -shrugs-

SIAN. i want the holiday to just go on forever. i'm dying in my studies. AHHH.

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