Monday, October 12, 2009

taking a break from assignments


i just finished my music essay. DIEDED.

and now. i have to chiong other stuff!!!
should i not sleep at all? then i can ensure that i won't be late for music. and additionally i can go out early to the canteen to get breakfast! okays. that's decided then. cuz i'm hungry from a day of eating only one meal.

i did not go robin's class again.
i think i don't go liao sia. i'll just sign up again in the holidays or something. ): cuz lidat i'll go to all the classes. i spent the whole day today doing my music essay. so i could not afford to even step out of my room. goodness.

i need to start revising my math. or for that matter, start opening my math textbook. if not i'm so dead. and i swear i need to do my math tutorials! shall go find ppl to help me if i'm stuck. i shall start this week. -nods- cuz lidat i would have time to revise again for exams.

i need to start on my music seminar presentation soon. i haven't found a single thing for it sia. ): and i need to finish up my music composition! AHHHH.

what else.
oh ya. no more pastamania food for birthday liaos. cuz my mum say not very good. so just getting normal? i think.

oh ya need to get cake. i hate cakes. urgh. lol.

okay, going back to assignments!

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