Tuesday, October 06, 2009


some people just don't know when to stop saying.

look at what you're saying now when u were saying something else a few months ago!
but u know what? i'm not going to scold or bitch or whatever.

i'm just glad that you are going to move on already since that's all we wanted in the first place.
it might take you hurtful words thrown at us along the way while you move on, but it doesn't matter. i'm happy that you're moving on. i mean. everyone is happier this way right?

just that maybe i dun really approve of what you say to move on la. but not my business anyhow.

oh wells. (:

on another note, i'm moving on!
maybe i'm using a weird and wrong method to do so. but the point is to move on. i'll move on before i think so much later. HAHA.

there are people who are much better seriously, and everyone tells me that. so -shrugs-

my birthday's coming.
i need to:
1. call the caterer.
2. get sixersm to come down earlier to help me if can?
3. decide on decorations.
4. plan what to do during the party!
5. NO DANCE LIKE NIC'S ONE PLEASE! lol. i'll chase you out myself if you try to sabo me to dance. i want a day off from dancing.

i need to chiong music essay, music composition, piano practicing, dance techniques, mathematics tutorials and revision...


and this saturday is the contemp concert!!!
can't wait man! (:

and, as during the 1 week recess i did not manage to find time to recover properly, now i need to try and recover during school AGAIN. bleahs.

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