Tuesday, November 10, 2009

when i'm bored...

10 Things You Wish You Could Say to 10 Different People:

1. Thank you for being there for me when I was so down, although I knew it meant nothing, I wished it meant more.

2. Maybe one day I will come to accept you. But in the meantime, I really really dislike you.

3. One day you will realise that all your words are so god damn fake and every 'friend' around you is actually not your friend. When that day comes, I will feel sorry for you.

4. I think I like you. But whether it's the romantic like or just a crush is another matter totally. It doesn't matter anyway since you won't ever think of me that way.

5. I thought the world of you, until reality came crashing down and broke me out of my fantasies and dreams of what was not there in the real world.

6. I'm trying to hold on to you, even after how badly you treat me before, and it makes me wonder whether the pain and effort is worth all the holding on.

7. I love you because you stuck by me through my ups and downs, and for that, I'm glad to call you my best friend.

8. Sometimes to move on means that you have to forget the past totally and stop dwelling on it. So move on and embrace the new singlehood. (:

9. Why do you always bully me?

10. Treasure what you have now, if not I'll force you to. HAHA.

9 Things About Yourself:

1. I'm still living in my own world.

2. I realise that I have many friends. But when it comes to days that are not planned, I realised I have no one to be beside. IRONIC isn't it?

3. I'm so fat.

4. I'm extremely self conscious and anti-social, but i force myself to show a fake front of super social behavior.

5. I flinch at skin contact quite a bit last time, but it's getting better.

6. I seem very strong and stuff but I'm actually a romantic at heart.

7. People call me unfeeling because I don't even cry at funerals.

8. I can't sleep properly in the dark.

9. I'm slightly claustrophobic. Which is ironic because I go clubbing.

8 Ways to Win My Heart:
1. Show concern for me.

2. Try your best to make me smile when I'm emoing.

3. Be nice to my friends.

4. Accept me for my fatness.

5. Boy boy look? haha. thats if I want to go into looks la.

6. Have a great personality.

7. Show humour but at the same time, understand my lameness, because my 'laughing point' is very low.

8. Love me 1% more than I love you.

7 Things That Cross my Mind A lot:

1. HIM.

2. studies.

3. dance.

4. money.

5. friends.

6. dark thoughts.

7. playing.

6 Things I Have to do Before I Die:

1. Find someone who loves me.

2. Go on a MASSIVE shopping trip with my mum, and then with my friends.

3. Get a Casino dealer diploma.

4. Get a tourism and hospitality degree.

5. Become thin.

6. Get my camera collection.

5 People Who Mean A Lot to You at The Moment:

1. Family (mum, dad, bro, sis)

2. My extended family (aloy, darren, jacq, robin teh, ceekay, jannson etc)

3. SIXERSM (syl, jade, huiying, mina, xinyi, mel)

4. HIM

5. All my friends.

4 Things You Can See Right Now:

1. my laptop???

2. my macbook

3. my whole bunch of SD tags

4. MJ logo I drew.

5. handphone.

2 Things You do Before Bed:

1. wash fash and brush teeth.

2. set 6 alarms.

1 Confession:

I keep hoping that he will turn around and tell me that he likes me, or that someone will confess to me so that I will know what is the real meaning of love.

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