Thursday, October 21, 2010

reminiscing from not so past past to present

at jin's house before jin ks and kenneth went taiwan! :D

going out with jade and huiying!

at gerry's house celebrating gerry's birthday! :D

woo working at lockdown!!! :D

yay my crazy side-a-long partner!

the lockdown people. :D

MJ! :D seriously, sometimes i really really love MJ.

thank you mum and sis for supporting me all the way!


thanks besties for coming down!

the mega face collection!

after mj battle. we are the siaukias! :D randomly say go changi popeye's! then OKAY SET GO! :D

and last but not least, i really love to dance. this picture i want to keep and keep showing myself, that see my face, i enjoy dancing so much. when i'm down, i shall look at this and remind myself i love to dance that's why i dance. always be happy when dancing. :D

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