Monday, October 11, 2010

lagged updates. :D

okay before i become too laggy in my updates, i shall quickly blog through the happening happenings. let's see... okay i've sort of cut down my starcraft playing... but i've started up again because of my new found interest of playing this cool map called nexus wars. it's quite cool. i don't have to multitask by directing the little minions... i just need to build build build buildings which will auto build my units to attack the enemy. YAY. less thinking, more relaxing. :D

currently ceekay is out at sea i think? yes. safe trip out and back!!!! (: watched our okto performance today at 12 noon. not bad not bad. HAHA. ok la my expression so sucky. zzz. and my recorder dunno why spoil so end up my recording was damaged. luckily mianbao's mum also recorded i think? :D




ok so this is me while waiting for our performance slot at the show, one minute of fame. (:


ok so i went out for dinner with sixersm. that's me and syl. :D first time i wear racerback with a cropped vest and shorts and wedges out. so baring. HAHA. very not used to shorts and sleeveless tops sia.

i bought this for jacq! which reminds me, it's in my kitchen waiting for me to pass to jacqjacq.




so i had fever the other day on thursday. had to wear a mask at the polyclinic. then when i went to school, i still had time to spare so i went shopping: medication for my fever. haha. bought stuff from artbox and also ate at wendy's. i know it's unhealthy when i'm sick. but i was craving for baked potato! WEE! and my new face for my ex-link card. HAHA.




so saturday was a nice day... i cooked tom yam noodles for my whole family cuz my mum was sick. so she ate some healthy stuff she insisted on making herself. then i cooked tom yam noodles, with pork sukiyaki, brown button mushrooms, white button mushrooms and portobello mushrooms, and egg for my dad, sister and i. my brother had gone out so i didn't need to cook for him yipee!

then went to ceekay's house to see his new house! :D so tall sia. ate ajisen ramen with... yuyao, kk, daniel, jacq, darren, mb and ceekay. great time playing games, talking, horoscope searching, singing chinese songs...




today i accompanied my mum the whole day because she was still sick. but in the evening she had to fetch my bro and sis to tuition so we went to j8 to wait for them. and while waiting, we did grocery shopping and walked around and tada! i bought this slipper and wedges. $59 altogether. hahahaha. thanks mum! so nice! :) really made my day.




hope my mum gets well soon! then she won't be so lethargic and listless all day!



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