Friday, October 15, 2010

DAY 1: Ten random facts about yourself.

1. i love dancing. more specifically, locking, waacking, popping, hip hop. ok not that specific oops. i like funk styles.

2. i have an ipad which is supposedly arriving soon and i really cannot wait for it cuz i have been waiting for like a month.

3. i love to read books. like seriously, romance, vampire, fantasy, etc etc. almost all kinds! :D i have a small collection at home.

4. if i switch from a bb to an iphone, i would be a complete apple-user. macbook, ipad, iphone, home com is imac. HAHA. but yes i have a bb and it rocks... most of the time.

5. i ALWAYS drag my assignments till the last minute. then i pia last minute then next day you will see me damn cui. like sick liao HAHA.

6. i've always wanted to go into tourism and hospitality management.

7. i have a pretty messed up room, which i always say i will tidy, then i tidy about 10% then the mess increase by 20% two days later. lol.

8. i'm damn tomboy, i love to play com games, like guys, eg starcraft 2, l4d2...

9. i'm fat.

10. i like to club, obviously only if the music is good. and i'm in the mood for some serious head-banging. HAHAHAHA

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