Sunday, October 24, 2010

nice weekend. :D

yay see the wonderful food i ate.... and my bro and sis and mum ate. HAHA. :D love japanese food! MOF rocks. :D

with mummy to pay cuz she say dun spend the voucher on this since i already get 10% discount! (:

so yay. never use my voucher. WOOHOO!






okay going to eat at seoul garden tomorrow. wonder whether the food's good. SO GOD DAMN LONG NEVER EAT THERE LE! omg. lol.







taking a break from AMX questions. can't believe jacq finished liao. i think she finished.

i left two questions. lazy doooo.







oh ya. thanks to the lovelies: weilong xinhui fabian mianbao jacqueline darren dom gerry karen for meeting up sakura buffet and celebrating my birthday! :D really enjoyed! and we talked a lot of crap sia!

then thanks to sixersm for spending my birthday night talking and just plain having fun together. love the sleepovers we have!!! <3 jade huiying jesmine!!!!!! xinyi too although, xinyi drank a bit then slept then left hahaha.

looking forward to getting my ipad!!!

mum said to wait somemore AGAIN, but because she will definitely get me the 64gb one. YAY. -hugs mummy-






no more orlando trip in december... ): going hong kong though!!! i shall try my best to shop till i drop there! although it's mostly winter clothing! :D






don't want go school liaossss.

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