Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yay food!

I yesterday just say I'm craving for sashimi, then today I'm eating sakae sushi at ntu! With verlao, jacq, probably jackie, mel... Yeps. (: woo! Sashimi here I come! (:

Oh later must remind myself to go can 2 nanyang mart to check for man han da can beef noodle. If have, I shall buy a few. (:

Everything is about food haha.

Now waiting for jacq at khatib! (: wah later mj sure cui. My brain now cannot rmb anything at all sia. Omfg.

Kenna woken up this morning/noon by this loud clap of thunder. Like I literally jumped in my bed and woke up. Haha. Heard there's floods in various places. Hope ntu wun have flood!

Hope my laptop battery doesn't run out fast. I haven't been taking good care of the battery so I think it has cui-ed. ):



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