Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bad start


First I receive e-mail of dress code when out liao. Shouldn't have worn my blue skinnys. Cuz its those tattered kind. Then dress code wrote solid color pants. Zzz.

Went home changed.

Then no bus so had to flag cab! First cab I got on, went past one bus stop before telling me he not going j8 so dropped me off. Then I had to flag one more cab. 2nd cab after waiting long long, uncle talking on phone drive slowly. Then he didn't turn left went straight and went into a traffic jam. Then when no traffic jam liao I realised the road he take has like more traffic lights than if he took normal route. Omg. I hate cab drivers who cheat people's money seriously.

Lucky the brief-er was okay with me. And there was one more person later than me. And he seemed to be very nice so okay. But I was the most casual one. Zzz.

Gonna eat lunch with my relatives now.
Later go home change out of nerd look and go find ben @ SD with jacqjacq ba.

Yay huiying's coming back omg I'm so happy. I wanna go stayover, gossip all night talk play mahjong guitar hero etc etc. I miss huiying seriously.

Wondering how to survive the new semester with no money.
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