Friday, July 16, 2010


now is like a major point in my life.

i'm at a crossroad for my studies. will only know where i will go next thursday. hope it's good news.

dancing has been quite shiok if not tiring. went to rp on monday and me and mianbao decided to join in the fun doing the fun battles. honestly i felt darren and aloy should have won. dunno why we got chosen instead. weird. but oh wells. glad we had a second chance to battle although i screwed the second time up. i hit my head! no one noticed omg. HAHAHA.

jacq: seriously you dun need stress. i think your freestyle better than me lor. just that u dun often step up to freestyle. but the times i see you freestyle i think you are good man. (: i mean come on there's a reason why LEE got you, rachie, elke and mb to stand in front right?

but i need to up level seriously. i'm still quite stagnant. need to find a way to overcome my own doubts and insecurities.

rested for like two days at home. feeling way way better le. now i got my miracle pill with me. (:

read jacqjacq's blog. DAMN HILARIOUS. i've heard a bit before also. WEIRDO TTM. seriously. yeah reminds me of someone too. AHAHHAAHA.

jiayous jacq, darren, mb, kenneth, ceekay and me! WOO! (: must train ttm in locking. JIAYOU JIAYOU JIA YU YAO YOU. lol.

saturday gonna have yog prac like finally. i forgot a bit of my own steps le AHHHH. zzz. ):

okay go sleep nights.

dedicated to jacqjacq. (: dunno where i kop this from but credits to whoever took it. (:

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