Sunday, July 25, 2010


세상 모든 것에는 끝이 있지만 음악과 사랑만은 영원히 남을 것이다. "An end will come to all things, but music and love will last forever." -Scottish Proverb 

went to watch the sorcerer's apprentice today! :D with mianbao and kenneth. had dinner with mianbao before that, then ate desert while with jin, fong, diane, kenneth and mianbao, then the three of us went to watch movie. fong jin and kenneth are really DAMN funny lol.

i think the movie wasn't bad, just that perhaps some people think it isn't very good. but that's because the plot and the movie itself is like more towards kids instead? so the plot might not be as elaborate as other movies. yeps. so not TOO much action, have romance and other stuff also like those little mermaid etc etc. HAHA. ok more action than little mermaid. i quite enjoyed it la. because i recognised things from disney, like the part similar to the mickey mouse music fantasia thing? haha. :D oh wells.

tomorrow is kenneth's birthday dinner! or later i mean. :D but i dunno what to wear!!! zzz.

shall go sleep now. then later can wake up to go shop in the afternoon. (:

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