Tuesday, July 28, 2009

saturday sunday monday... tue wed thur fri... :P

supposed to have jaiho prac on saturday morning. but first i woke up like half hr late. then i rushed off to sbs only to rmb its at nanyang hse. then cuz i rush here and there and i didn't sleep well, so on my way to nanyang hse i blacked out. so in the end i went back home to rest.

all the rushing for nothing. bleah.

then late afternoon my mum deemed me okay enough to go out le. so i went to far east to find bowtie. but the shop was closed. so i went sexy diamond look for aaron and get my sd stuff.

saw ceekay and fabian. (: then after that stayed for what the funk vol 5 cuz i had no prac at night.


went back hall and ate supper with mj peeps which followed with a committee meeting in my room from 2.30am to 6am.


then sunday had finale prac then junior prac then committee meeting with the current exco. then i rushed off to kenneth's birthday party.

kenneth is a lousy drinker.
and i realise if i say i'm allergic to alcohol which i really am, some of the guys will try to fight over drinking the alcohol. LOL. ok la not really fight. just that ceekay help me drink and someone didn't want ceekay to drink too much either so there was a bit of commotion over who help me drink. lol.

supposed to have df comm meeting but due to the fact that the night before i did drink a bit of alcohol on a super duper empty stomach, i ended up having stomachache the whole morning and afternoon.

but night was better so i went story 4 prac where we did the rest of the transitions.
jacq, u r in trouble! hurry call me!!!!!

a side note.

i'm quite disappointed and pissed with those ppl who are my friends but when i tell them to come watch my concert they say "huh but i no money leh..." like. wth. wtf. i told u all few months ago abt the concert and u all said ok! but now no money? not like i asking u to fork out money immediately. u can pay nearer to the date ma! i'm like dots man. save la! $15! everyday save $1 on ur food in two weeks u can get the money liao lor. not like i asking u fork out $150. those not as close to me one say ok so 'shuang kuai' and u all like...

i dunno what to say seriously.
i just make the sad face at u all when i'm going like WTF inside my brain.


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