Thursday, July 23, 2009

1st official post here!

yay i got my blogspot blog up! (:
but i'll still post on my livejournal.

going VUtopia tml with steph raz etc.
dunno who the etc is though.
oh kenneth going. and nic robin they all.

i moved into my hall liao!!!
can't wait to get my single room though!
hope it's like next week. HAHA. (:

got performance tml! gosh. damn nervous. scared i screw it up. ):
which means i'm missing nicole's prac again. SIAN.

oh wells, shopping with the mj ppl on friday afternoon then waacking prac at night. then i'll stay in hall!!! WOO! then sat morning got nicole and raz's prac. followed by prac with ceekay, darren, jasmine, weilong and fabian. THEN. what the funk.
must remind myself to bring microsoft office cd for nic.

okays. then after that will have sleepover with fellow mj comm ppl! (: oh ya i got publicity. YAY!

then sunday got finale prac. then some comm bonding session then kenneth's birthday! hope he likes the prezzie we got for him. (:

okay i'm rambling here.
signing out!

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