Thursday, July 30, 2009


having a headache. think cuz i keep tying my hair. then too tight. then got headache.

yay jacq can come stay liao.
i'll move in on monday. haha.

busy busy.

today went to get bowtie and specs and got my jacket for jaiho.
met nic to pass him software.

no money liao... ):
need to get back money from the costumes!!!
and get more money out from the bank.

tml committee meeting in the morning!!!
i have a feeling i cannot wake up. shit.

need to wake apple cheryl nicole and joce. HAHA.

then i need to get my boots from home and my bro's nike shoes.

and night time got junior prac. WAH WAH WAH.
then friday got waacking. which reminds me, i haven't receive confirmation from melmel that waacking prac is at hall 1 or nanyang hse.


saturday have to miss story 4 prac! ): gonna go for story 2 then got performance at zouk. come see! lol.

sunday's 3rd vetting plus full dress.

and jiayou those entering lockdown!!!
hope everything goes well ceekay!!!

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