Friday, July 24, 2009


thursday is the start of the busy days.

i went to my hall to unpack my stuff and clean up the whole room with my mum. (: thanks mummy!

then went to marriott hotel for performance for university awards dinner. no dinner provided. SIANS. totally no feel sia. ):

then everyone didn't wanna go VU liao. but i still went in the end cuz mianbao persuaded me. so i ended up going with kenneth and mianbao. then watched SICK and Radikal Forze perform then we zao to eat supper at bugis.

met ks marcus rach xiaomei tyde melvin ben elke yizheng zhiming there. is that all? LOL.

kenneth drove me ks xiaomei mianbao home. thanks kenneth. (:

and now i'm in hall waiting for my hair to dry so i can sleep.
and tomorrow is yet a busy day with having to go sembawang check out school uniforms then go bugis find accessories... then waacking prac. GOSH.

it's the start of the BUSY BUSY BUSY days.
anyways suntec dance comp details out le! YAY (:
shall go check check.

let's jiayou ceekay, darren, weilong, fabian and jasmine!!! (:
capalang team go go go~

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