Tuesday, August 24, 2010

puffy eyes

my eyes are a bit bit puffy nao.

probably from the crying i did last night. but in a way i feel sort of unburdened a bit after crying? the problem is still there but at least i cried a bit of my stress and fustration away.

today is darren's 21st birthday!!!

i'm so proud of him seriously. haha i'm like his mother beign so proud that my son has grown up. but really, since.. last time, we have always been sharing fun laughter tears and joy. through popping course 1 and 2, then sessions at esplanade underground before becoming at rp, the formation of that... ridiculous crew now looking back HAHAHA. but it did give us things to learn and grow about. never let it be said that things happen without us learning from it. going out, playing, staying over, then the introduction of jacqjacq and they got together. yay my dance bestie and my erzi tgt! :D then play hard work hard, lockdowns past, wtfunk past, suntec auditions and heats with funk technics, oschool recital, R16, floor the love... etc etc etc. and now, suntec auditions (which is over) and upcoming heats again! this time with jacqjacq in the team too. after everything we have done together, fought, played, worked, really, watching darren grow as a person from last time till now, i'm really proud to have know him as a friend and as my erzi. happy birthday darren and don't let anything get you down! :D

happy family! i love my this family. in the end, the main people are still just me darren and jacq seriously, cuz we really stick to each other through thick and thin. love lost, love found. yeps. :D

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