Tuesday, August 03, 2010

bf? lol.

jacq told me to find a bf soon and i replied does that mean i need to search?!?

"classified: looking for boyfriend. best to be in dance scene so got common interest. and can get along with my friends."


4 more days and no more school. omg i'm so happy! (:

i don't feel that i need a bf now though. when the time comes, it will come. no rush. no need to search. i'm simply happy now being by myself too. (: although sometimes people do fustrate me. or i get a bit envious that people have each other for companionship. that's about the best thing a relationship has got to offer i feel. the companionship. dun even need to meet up everyday, just that sometimes you will long for company when it gets lonely or emoed.

jacq say i sure kenna bullied by my bf de. i told her i confirm will not think it's bully cuz that's me. lol. :D

4 more days.

4 more days.

4 more days.

can't we just skip the 4 days?!?

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