Wednesday, June 30, 2010

xiaxue's blog (go read!)

i'm like FINALLY readying xiaxue's blog, jacq will be like "oh my god i told you since last time and you only read it like NOW?!?"

okay yes only now. :P

it's quite interesting to read it actually, with like pictures and stuff from going overseas, to tutorials on hairdo etc, and like comments about online articles too. loads of different stuff. i can't wait to go check out STICKY. usually i don't really eat much candy because my teeth is quite sensitive... but, it looks damn interesting. so yeps.

what struck me was xiaxue isn't like the typical bimbo? okay i'm sorry i'm sorry, cuz of the hair color etc, i'm struck with the generalisation of bimbos in singapore. BUT BUT BUT, xiaxue isn't, at least, it doesn't seem that way. i should cancel out this whole part just in case. the most surprising thing was her voice. i watched the video that had her in it, she had a deeper voice than i thought she would have. it's not a bad thing, just wasn't what i expected. and i think mellow voices are actually nice. (:

haha ok i think i'm rambling from being online till so late but yeps, just wanted to blog since i haven't been blogging as often.

been sick these few days. especially yesterday and today. had fever yesterday afternoon and today afternoon, i feel a bit better now, but my throat feels sore and my nose feels blocked. ):
hopefully i'll get better soon!

meeting the mj comm tml in town for dinner! (: what should i wear what should i wear... feel like wearing something different since i dun go out out often. like i dun often wear clothes other than dance wear. which after a while i get sian of it.

yep my forehead is cooler than just now. just now was like WOAH. hot like mad.

oh ya i wanted to say that i think xiaxue and xuehui looks similar? ok not similar, but they remind me of each other. haha.

ok i shall go back upload videos again!

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