Monday, June 14, 2010

bobby mileage and dancers weekend.

i'm back from a whole weekend out with my beloved friends!!!
it's really great to go out with my friends. I LOVE THEM A LOT. (:

friday had wisdom tooth surgery, extracted two of them from the right side! omg omg omg. haha.

i'm not supposed to exercise for a whole week la, but i geh kiang still go bobby mileage's class and ended up bleeding in my mouth the whole way through. OOPS.

watched KILLERS with mianbao and kenneth. thankful to have them man. good friends. (:
killers was lame. HAHA. good kind of lame la. and funny! (:

had suki sushi with mianbao, kenneth, karen, brendan, ceekay, gerry and dom. squeezed into one table haha! shiok. because of my wisdom tooth, i just kept eating salmon sashimi, easy to chew, and chawanmushi. HAHA. (: love it.
headed to SD shop said hi to everyone there and then we decided that since we got nothing on till krafty kuts, we went bowling! woo!

bobby is damn pro. omg omg. although i heng heng won him on the first game, i second game dropped. no stamina. HAHA.

went to subway for dinner and after lots of fun and laughter (especially by kenneth) we went krafty kuts!

i honestly can say, although i enjoyed a bit of the 'clubbing' like when we were at rebel, i did not enjoy krafty kuts at all. like, not very nice. ):

oh wells.

okays. so today, or sunday, went to gerry's house! supposed to play bball but it was raining so ended up playing games and having loads of food at gerry's house. HAHA. warm and cozy gathering. it was fun. (:

thanks everyone who came and yay fun filled weekend!
see we can enjoy ourselves together without dancing ALL THE TIME also. HAHA. (:

must quick plan go ktv ktv ktv!

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