Saturday, September 12, 2009


hectic week.

but finally, my AED presentation is over and i have finished my first comp math assignment.
but have many many other things to do.

essays, BLA BLA BLA.

had a blast sessioning with apple till like 3am on monday. although we only started at 2am.

introed waacking to hall dance peeps on tuesday.

went for soulfunky on wed, kahsing taught popping! hits hits hits. i need to train more! then cuz i lagged a bit cuz i was too hyper abt soulfunky, i ended up cabbing to oschool for waacking prac. but boy was waacking prac fun. (: conditioning is like the most happening thing ever man! HAHAHAHA. i love to do waacking. let's jiayou k jacqueline!!!!

had MJ finally on thursday! been waiting for this day to come. had a blast in junior and senior class. PAT rocks la seriously. thursday's choreos were damn fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. (:

then the day that just passed.
omg omg omg.
ellen kim ROCKS! she's like so dope can. so feeling feeling. love her!!!!!
haha. but damn tiring. my legs were like jelly after the class can!

i think i'm finally starting to see a bit of improvement in my dancing. a bit. hope i can improve more. (:

and i need to study more too.


tribute night later.
and SD JEANS!!!!!!! (:
which reminds me.
im getting my blue leather cap tml. lidat should i just wear that? and wear my blue SD shoes? or i just dun wear the cap and stick to pink shoes.
okok pink shoes. :P

jiayou fellow mj-ians!!!!! (:

sunday will be time for me to rest and study!

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