Saturday, September 26, 2009

finally a long update!!!

i'm finally back!

mianbao: see i'm updating!!!


i have finally officially fallen sick badly. :p
as in, fever, a bit of cough, runny nose, blocked nose, whatever... flu. BLEAHs.


'SICKNESS fills my body and slowly overwhelms me, killing me from within.' - quoted from my pm on MSN.


okay everything's mostly done.

now it's halfway through the semester and i feel very incomplete with my studies. like i'm totally not there at all. :\


my macbook has totally nothing in it at the moment so i have to go home to reinstall the whole thing. sianssssss.

then what else.

had keone madrid and ellen kim's class the other day. i swear they are like gods in dance sia. (:
i just watched a video of keone and mari's choreo. rocks totally seriously. 100% guaranteed plus chop bla bla bla totally. HAHA. i dunno the exact phrase mov they all use.

MJ chalet is coming up soon!
jialat. jacq and i havent choreo finish. HOW HOW!!!! i think we should revamp what we have also. ):

nic's birthday party is on 3rd oct. which is like omg i havent found him a present yet although i know what to get him (but cuz it's super ex so i'm not sure how i'm getting him that) so i'm so dead.

2nd october hopefully contemp ppl dun have prac then waacking ppl can go have lunch together at cineleisure!!! WOO!
finally a reunion! (:

anyways. i love my camera a lot. thanks sixersm. (: really appreciate it. thanks syl for going down to get it for me!!! (:

oh what else.
oh ya i got a new speaker and an external hard disk drive. cuz i'm in need of one. and speaking of which. i can't find jacq's usb thumbdrive in my ever so messy room so if the next time i clean up i really can't find, i'll have to get her a new one. :\

my lips are cracking like totally!!! ARGH!
ok i need to go home to meet jacq to prac liao. ):
jiayou jacq! jiayou myself!!!

i dunno what else to say.
oh i'm looking forward to the battle shirt. (:

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