Sunday, August 16, 2009


ok despite our last minute pracs...
we have gotten in into the next round! which is the HEATS!!!! (:

diane daphne fong k-lock jin also got in!!!
WOOHOO!!! funkstyles all the way!

thanks jasmine ceekay weilong fabian and darren for this opportunity to work with you all!!! let's work all the way man! (: GO FUNK TECHNICS!

i think i'm damn stupid.
i drank milkshake on the way back to hall, then i reach hall i drank mushroom soup. so let's see, two totally different things, one hot one cold.

i ended up vomitting this morning.
just finished vomitting the 4th time half an hr ago. but it has turned to dry heaving. HOHO. means my stomach is totally empty liao.

i hope i can still stomach lunch, cuz vomitting has made me damn hungry, my stomach is like squeezing me for food. eat and vomit is better than dun eat and later i faint from hunger.

ahhh my stomach super pain... but i think now its cuz its damn empty.

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