Wednesday, August 26, 2009


ok so dancetitude's over!!!! (:

so happy and so sad too.

i think i got improve. although by a very little bit only sia.

then... i love my popping item and waacking item and jaiho!!! (:
my dance mates rocks man i tell u.
thanks robin and jackie for putting up with me, and rizal, zhangyi, weilong and qingfu. (:
really enjoyed dancing with u guys... although i will never forget what rizal said to me. ):
thanks nicole and raz for being so patient with me in jaiho pracs!!!! seriously thank you. learnt a lot from u two. and thanks yingjie for being my partner!!!!

AND FINALLY, waacking item.
thanks MELMEL! for giving me a chance to choreo for dancetitude. really learnt a lot from you and learnt a lot from choreographing.
thanks waacking peeps for beign so patient and nice to me during pracs. i know i'm like the slackest choreographer ever sia. lol.
thanks jacq for accompanying me when i try to choreo and stuff, and for talking to me about it.
thanks robin, vernon, nicole, charmaine, germama, raz, yenli, stoofi, chunchun for being part of this item. really enjoyed dancing with you guys and having fun. (:

last but not least, alex's insomnia choreo.
NICE SIA!!! and im the hour hand of the clock hahahaha.
sry i forgot step!
but thanks alex!!!
my mum likes insomnia a lot! HAHA.

ok. so now dancetitude over, time to study.
need to get freaking a lot of things done.
and SUNTEC is this saturday!!!!


alex and stoofi's platform tml.
then post dancetitude party which includes handover is this friday which i have to go cuz handover... and i need to do up the post dancetitude videos asap.

and yeah.
many many many many things.
i think i have to go home on sat night
so that i can prac on the piano for my piano lesson.

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